Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Outstanding QGIS Tutorial/Workshop

One of the great things about QGIS is the incredible array of educational resources available to learn the software (and pick up some basic GIS along the way).  This morning, via today's entry by Tim Sutton (a South Africa-based QGIS developer and guru)in his Linfiniti Geo Blog, I became aware of yet another outstanding QGIS tutorial, web-based with embedded videos. It's actually brand-new, and uses QGIS 1.7.  This means that what you see in the tutorials will closely resemble what you see on your QGIS screen, for a change!  (For now, anyway --- QGIS 1.8 or 1.9 will be out soon, followed by 2.0 next year?)

Anyway, the tutorial site is Lex Berman's QGIS Workshop.  Click on the image at left at left (or on the text link above) and check it out.  Each of the subject areas has web page text and/or embedded YouTube video.  The videos are pretty short; I will be using some of them them as a preliminary viewing in some of the tutorials I have planned for our Open Source Township GIS website.

Lex Berman is on the faculty of the Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA) of Harvard University.  I contacted him today to request permission to list, and ask him how to attribute, his site on our website.  He told me that we're free to use and link to his tutorials or mirror them, provided we follow his Creative Commons license.  He also asks that the Township GIS project participants contact him with any suggestions on "extending and improving the tutorial website."  If you feel he should add topics and/or beef up his explanations, feel free to contact him! (Use the "Lex Berman" link to get his e-mail.)

He also thinks that your GIS maps and webmaps are really great!  Keep up the good work, folks!

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