Saturday, March 21, 2015

Books about Open Source Geospatial Software --- Suddenly They're Everywhere!

16 months have passed since I last posted on this blog!  At that time, I was happy that Anita Graser, our QGIS heroine from Austria, had just published her QGIS 2.0 book.  There are at least nine (9!) QGIS books commercially available now (or within a couple of months), including Ms Graser's second edition book. QGIS itself is now at version 2.8 for the general release version, thanks to their new accelerated release schedule.  Thank you, open source geospatial community folks!

In this blog, I thought I'd give you a listing of how-to books about open source geospatial software I recently found.  These include books on QGIS, PostGIS (spatial objects extender for the open source PostgreSQL database), GeoServer (a super-duper server for sharing geospatial data), and web mapping clients like OpenLayers and LeafletPackt Publishing and Locate Press lead the way, with e-book centered Leanpub getting into the act recently.  Packt also carries books on OpenStreetMap, Google Maps API, and Bing Maps API, although the last two are not open source projects.  Here's what I found so far — I haven't looked at them all, far from it, so I present this list without comment:


Title Author(s) Link
Learning QGIS 2.0 Anita Graser Click here
Learning QGIS, 2nd Edition Anita Graser Click here
Building Mapping Applications with QGIS Erik Westra Click here
Mastering QGIS Kurt Menke, Richard Smith, John Van Hoesen, Luigi Pirelli Click here
QGIS 2 Cookbook Alex Mandel, Anita Graser, Victor Olaya Click here
Getting Started With GIS Using QGIS McCartney Taylor, Nik Freeman Click here
The QGIS Training Manual Rüdiger Thiede, Tim Sutton, Horst Düster, Marcelle Sutton Click here
QGIS Python Programming Cookbook Joel Lawhead Click here
The PyQGIS Programmer's Guide Gary Sherman Click here


Title Author(s) Link
GeoServer Beginner’s Guide Stefano Iacovella, Brian Youngblood Click here
Mastering GeoServer Colin Henderson Click here
GeoServer Cookbook Stefano Iacovella Click here


Title Author(s) Link
PostGIS in Action Regina Obe, Leo Hsu Click here
PostGIS in Action, Second Edition Regina Obe, Leo Hsu Click here
PostGIS Essentials Angel Marquez Click here
PostGIS Cookbook Paolo Corti, Stephen Vincent Mather, Thomas J Kraft, Bborie Park Click here


Title Author(s) Link
OpenLayers 2.10 Beginner's Guide Erik Hazzard Click here
OpenLayers 3: Beginner's Guide Thomas Gratier, Paul Spencer, Erik Hazzard Click here
Instant OpenLayers Starter Alessio Di Lorenzo, Giovanni Allegri Click here
OpenLayers Cookbook Antonio Santiago Perez Click here
The Book of OpenLayers 3 Antonio Santiago Click here


Title Author(s) Link
Instant Interactive Map designs with Leaflet JavaScript Library How-to Jonathan Derrough Click here
Leaflet.js Essentials Paul Crickard III Click here
Leaflet Tips and Tricks Malcolm Maclean Click here
Mapping with Leaflet.js Seth Vincent Click here


Title Author(s) Link
Learning D3.js Mapping Thomas Newton, Oscar Villarreal Click here